Katrin Koit




Katrin is one of the wildest people I know. She has taken steps in her life that fill me with awe and admiration. And wonder. One of the first unexpected steps I have witnessed was her moving from the small Estonian town of Tartu to Helsinki for love. In hindsight, it seems a seminal moment in many ways. This was the start of her journey as a designer and citizen of the world.

I am not that familiar with Katrin as a designer because she is reluctant to show her work in advance. However, what I have seen of her work, it is not only beautiful and stylish, but it also has a meaning and a story that is usually informed by a wish to change or improve the world. But I suppose that is the ultimate aim of every designer - to make the world a better place. Some merely have more passion for it than others. 

Katrin has the same passion for everything around her. When she cooks, she does it well, thoroughly, and, as befits an artist, very beautifully. When she parties, she goes all the way. When she changes her hairstyle, it is no problem for her to shave her head. When she argues, she defends her views so stubbornly and hotly that she can burn the people she is arguing with. 

Symbolically, Katrin’s essence is linked to an interesting exercise that she took up a few years ago, when she was in search of new experiences - hot yoga, which is practiced in a hotter environment than usual, to cleanse the organism through sweating. Katrin takes on life just like she takes on hot yoga, ready to take steps that are not easy or comfortable and to make quite a lot of effort and surpass herself for the greater purpose. The greater purpose is best known to herself but it seems to be there in everything she does. 

Katrin is always in search of something and moving forward. Moving wherever seems to be more interesting and where there is life, not letting herself become lazy and complacent. As a lazy and complacent friend, looking at her journey fills me with awe, admiration, envy and joy. Katrin does not only come up with cool and bold designs for shoes, bags, lifts, food, and clothes, but for her entire journey.

As a great admirer of her work I am looking forward to her new design solutions, especially in journey design. 


Lilian, a friend from Tartu

P.S. I showed this text to Inga, one of Katrin’s closest friends, who has known her all her life, to test if my words are true. Inga said: “This is about Katrin. I distinctly recognize her from this. I would like to add her courage to finish a stagnant relationship, and her role as a mother, which is no-nonsense and instructive, yet gentle. Her courage to go into the unknown with her son. She is a very loyal friend and she always sees the silver lining."