Katrin Koit
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What sets great design apart from good? It depends on the context, doesn’t it? Because it doesn't matter how good a cook you are if the recipe is all wrong. Here is short list of subjects which I will try to take into account in my future work.

Is design visually INTERESTING in a given context? Creativity sets great design apart from good. High quality art direction is needed because an emotional approach is often worth more than plain logic.

Is design FUNCTIONAL ENOUGH? Sometimes functionality is less important and overdesign is a waste of resources.

Does design DIFFERENTIATE OR EQUALIZE? If design doesn’t raise any issues, it’s mediocre. We are all afraid of differentiation because being too crazy is considered non-professional. But as the intention of design is to create something recognizable and memorable, we should overcome the fear.

How does design BENEFIT SOCIETY? As a hardcore idealist, I believe that it's possible to change the world through design. To create good impact with a design concept, a material, a color or/and some type of functionality.

Does design propose a NEW PERSPECTIVE TO LIFE? Is it in a creative dialogue with the world of today and tomorrow? Innovation of visual language sets new cultural meanings instead of following mainstream aesthetics and trends. No-one can see the future, but designers can make it.

AESTHETIC VALUE is considered the core of design. But beautiful for whom? It’s not possible to please everyone. The design language should be relevant to the design concept.  Don’t force elements into concepts just because you have a fixation with a visual detail or material.

Be OPEN MINDED and avoid over-professionalism. When we do new things, we don't know what will happen, even if we try to figure it out beforehand. Don’t believe other professionals either. Be humble but brave.

Relevant QUALITY OF THE DETAIL makes a final product.

Is it CULTURALLY CURIOUS? Get visually involved with different cultures without fear. From the beginning of times art has been the source of intellectual and material well-being. Don't wait it to be painless process and don't look for truth. Make your own interpretations.

ORNAMENT IS NOT A CRIME. Simplicity is highly valued, but it can be also dull and non-personal if used in wrong context.

FALL IN LOVE. Work with people you love. Design is teamwork and only a great team produces meaningful and great work.